Wednesday, October 01, 2014


By Steven Boone

I'm nearly a year late to this video, but it deserves another round of acclaim. April and Wayne Show's SATANIC ILLUMINATI DANCE EXPOSED is a brilliantly edited celebration of the world's various youth-powered dance movements, from East to West; from the ghetto streets to mainstream pop culture.

It works hard to be just the opposite, condemning secular dancing as satanic hedonism, but I can't imagine a hyperactive kid coming away with any message louder than its call to the dance floor. The sequel, RESPONSE TO THE DANCERS, is just as thrilling. It reminds me of conservative filmmaker John Milius striving to make mean, jingoistic war films but crafting them with such avid, florid detail that we feel more love and exhilaration than rage.  April and Wayne want to sew fear of eternal damnation, but their editing has such irrepressible rhythm and sense of drama that my primary reaction was laughter.

That's God. God is Love. God is in the details. And God is laughter.

Much love to Maciel Marquez for the links.

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