Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Triumph of the Stepford Whores

by Dirk Schlaf (Apostle of Kinskichrist. Eat of his flesh.)

Meine Kinder, I have shamefully spent some time in the midst of a Televideodrome binge and all I can do is scream death to whoredome and long live the new Pusseye!!!!!!

You cannot tell me there is not a conscious concerted effort by the ruling class to turn women into bourgeois prostitutes with tastes for the lowest form of man to pollute and corrupt the genepool in a reverse darwinistic scheme. Who this cabal is can be determined at a later date, and appropriate action can be taken once peoples' tribunals are formed, but first we have to acknowledge that this is occuring. (As if Rachel Weisz marrying Aaroun Jakovsky and Rose MacGowan apparently fucking Gilberto Rodriguez are not enough-- but this is not precisely the phenomenon I mention, though it does demonstrate reverse Darwinism, as does this link).
But it is these TV shows, celebrating and reeducating women out of their natural desire for an attractive, kind, desirable, intelligent mate, conditioning them to view men as walking credit cards with hitched up khakis, balding pate and dumpy slope-spined physique, that we must eliminate. If we need to use nuclear weapons I think it is appropriate and I know it is towards a more worthy goal than that of the neo-con Schpielborgian, Aarnonovskys like Wolflowitz, who don't even date pretty women when they have the chance and blow it all on some non-Kosher Saudi intern.

These shows, Desperate Housewives, the eternal, never ending neo-Stalinist fingernail peeling of Sex In the City, the daily psychoconditionings of Tyra Skanks and Water Buffalo Oprah and cut rate bourgeois fetishism of Martha Stewart (who at least was a hot little buxom Polish number when young, which reminds me: I need a new au-pair, preferably young supple, Polish or Romanian, though I have keine Kinder, but I digress) who are now attempting to spread this disease even outside of the White suburban soccer mom milieu and into the broader racial demographia, which is flawed and counterproductive to their evil purposes. I shall explain why.
The only advantage the white American high end prostitute has in the reverse Darwinian struggle for the finance-obsessed, speculatively endowed, post-simian degenerate with low forehead, no chin and lolling toungue-- one can see from everyday example in New York they crave over all else-- over desperate potential housewives of all other races is that it is difficult to procure them as prostitutes of a normal variety. It is easy to find non-nappy-head ho's of African, Asian, Mestizo-Latino extraction, but not of the specific genetic Anglo-Euro type they present in their subtle Stepford whore way to the world at large. If it was possible for men to fuck whores that looked like these women, marriage rates would decline precipitously and the foundation of psychosexual coercion of drone work for sex would be crushed.
Not that any of these women hold a candle to the sumptuous delights I used to find in my old haunts on the Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn whores are so much more substantial, intelligent and worthy human beings than these women who will give you drooling come hither looks when you wear an Armani suit, but not when you present yourself as a simple jeans wearing artisan or burgher, even though you may, like me, profer sculpted thighs and calves and perfect Aryan cheekbones. The antidote to psychosexual control, which is the glue precariously holding together the speculative, suburban, post-bubble economic hell which taunts and vivisects those of higher aesthetic and breeding could be dismantled by getting the American soccer mom Johns access to some white Euro whores. I make my services and Reeperbahn connections available in service of the revolution. The financially debt ensconced, khaki wearing, golf playing, wider-than-he-is-tall, middle management type with basketball shaped head and gotee, must simply be distracted with imported Reeperbahn whores so as not to breed and marry, bringing down the teetering US cultural and economic superstructure in the process.
Death to Reverse Darwinism, the bubble economy and its media-sewage-- and Stepford whoredom. Long live the aesthetic Ubermensch! The Noontide of the Dirkenkinder!
Lange Lebt Das Neue Fleische!!!!!!!!!!

(b&w photos by Helmut Newton. Badly cropped by BMV.)

Monday, May 21, 2007