Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dirk Schlaf: Wrath of God

If the lucid lunatic actor Klaus Kinski were alive and had any interest in plying his trade in the American wasteland, he might sound like rennaissance madman Dirk Schlaf. Schlaf can't even post a classified ad without inciting cultural insurrection:

Looking for actors, writers, directors, designers for theatre company which is not for trust fund kids, academic onanists, artsworld bureaucrats or ethnic identity gangsters. Are you tired of the NYC theatre scene, which has decided its purpose is safe entertainmment for the bourgeois and the castrated "left"? Would you rather scare the living shit out of the bourgeoisie than entertain them? Are you sick of PC, channel 13, feelgood capitulation to a NYC establishment which is basically devoted to cutural genocide and killing the arts in New York? Would you rather die than ever apply to a corporation for a grant or beg some corrupt mediocre for money? If so, I want to work with you! If you hate suburban rich kid improv, feel good immigrant petit bourgeois ethnic celebrations, boring statues standing on stage pontificating in mid-atlantic julliardese, please RSVP motherfuckers!

Also, please, no devotees to cultlike, psychofuck acting methods!!!!

DIRK SCHLAF - dirkschlaf@hotmail.com


Ryland Walker Knight said...

Are those links you added or were they from his ad?

Boone said...

Oh, don't spoil the magic. (I added them, in what I figured was his spirit.)

ArtOrLove said...

Genius. And by that, I mean the links too. Where did you find this man?

Boone said...

He terrorizes the craigslist film and politics forums, changing names every time he gets banned, which is probably daily.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Love (I will read your Bergman article on deinen blog when I have time) and Herr Boone for posting my notice. Sadly it got hardly any response after a week on Craigslist. Hardly surprising considering the NYC of 2006; a bunch of trustfund bastards living off of Daddy's usury being serviced by their dwarf immigrant servants.