Monday, January 28, 2008


At the start of last year we promised more frequent posts. We lied. The updates were about as sparse as the year before (though I humbly submit that most were worth the wait).
This year is different. In 2008, we will be doing a lot more interviews and profiles of DIY filmmakers and way-outsider artists; more rants; more critiquing of the critics and defacement of idiotic corporate symbols.

I make this pledge at the business end of an assault rifle. See, we've been hijacked. BMV contributor Odienator, fed up with the poky progress toward revolution here, has taken over our offices and threatens to post a new outrage for each day of February, aka BLACK HISTORY MUMF. He says he will showcase essential Black movies that don't get the attention they deserve. If that sounds reasonable and safe, you just don't know Odienator.

Please return to this page on February 1st and every day in February, as my life depends upon high traffic numbers.

--Steven Boone (former Editor-in-Chief)


William said...

I'm down!

Matt Zoller Seitz said...

The revolution will be Odievised!

Dirk Schlaf said...

Nein!!! I have taken over this site as a vehicle for criticism of Krautsploitation genre pics of the mid to late 70's and their connection to the Baader Meinhoff Geschtalt and Situationism.

We start with "The Prussian Pimp".

I will cede control to discussion of African matters on occasion but first you must disarm me of my Stuka. Feck Deine Mutters!

Dirk Schlaf said...

Also Schwarzenbrudern!

Why have you not published my 30 page appreciation and nearly encyclopaedic commpendium of criticism of the Bulgarian martial arts porn genre and its implications on Eastern European integration into the EU?????

Steven Boone said...

Put the gun down, kraut. After this hostage crisis is over, let's talk.

"African matters"-- hahaha!