Friday, March 14, 2008


by Lady Scorpio

Aw, c'mon everyone else got to play, why not me? The fall of uber goody-goody New York Governor Eliot Spitzer came as a shock. And, really, he must've been a hell of a goody-goody for people to be shocked when a politican is caught participating in, shall we say, extracurricular activites. But, hey, at least Democrats do it in the vagina. (Well, if you don't count "Gay American" Jim McGreevy, who we still joke about dressing up as Evita Peron while the masses intone "McGrEEVY! McGrEEVY!" beneath his balcony. "Mis demicasados! Mis Newarkiriquenos!")

So, let's cut right to the sordid. Many talked of the governor--or "Client Number 9," if you like to pretend the whorehouse was on the same island as The Prisoner--being into things that "weren't safe. I know the immediate thought is "barebacking," but I, being me, decided it was blood drinking. Think about it: With that bald head, those beady eyes and those pointy ears, I betcha Spitzer gets himself up in some Nosferatu drag and gets stone cold freaky.

Now, to the lady in question, "Kristin" aka Ashley (But she already had a hooker name!) Yeomans or Dupre or Dupree or St. Ives or whatever her name is. Of course, there are women who pity her as a more downtrodden victim of male exploitation, a poor aspiring singer forced into the world's oldest profession. One columnist even had the unmitigated gall to compare her to Marilyn Monroe. And let me tell you, a hooker who lives in an $5,000 a month apartment likes--okay, not likes, has done the math and has accepted--her job. She is not working the bare minimum to get by because she hates sucking married dick. She's not living with roomates in a crappy apartment so she can save up enough money to quit faking orgasm while some asshole sweats all over her. Nu-uh. No way. I ain't buyin'. This broad is lining up her reality show auditions right now. I don't care if she's a fellow female and I must stand by her. Hell, no! I don't see man/woman, I see people and people are venal, deceitful, greedy and corrupt.

Not that I'm letting Spitzer off the hook--note those words "deceitful" and "corrupt" in the above paragraph. Still, whenever stuff like this happens, i fantasize about the civil servant in question going stone cold unhinged during the press conference. Think of it. What if he had stood up there--without his wife, who should be in the Bahamas having a massage and a margarita right now anyway--and just gone off. "I have no excuse! I make no apology! I'm the governor and I deserve to get laid!"

Maybe if he even went all pro-New York State on it: "New York has the best pussy in the world! No matter where I am, I gotta have New York tail and only New York tail ! Ask Mick Jagger! He used to have that shit flown to France twice a week back in the 70's! George Clooney has to stay off the Eastern Seaboard or he can't control himself! Are you kidding me?! Empire State trim is easily worth a grand an hour!"
Of course the problem with this argument is that she's from New Jersey. When I was younger, if you fucked someone from Jersey, we made fun of you for getting bridge n' tunnel ass.


Steven Boone said...

We are all whores for the powerful. Whether I was hauling trash for Labor Ready at $40/day or composing blurbs for a certain popular website, I'm sure that I was always less my own man than Spitzer's whore was her own woman. $$$ = lube.

Anyways, when you gonna write that children's book?

Dirk Schlaf said...

As I noted in my previous post on the acendency of the Stepford Whores, 80 percent of the male/female relations in this society are prostitution and a remnant of feudalism: coerced labor from male drones for sex and procreation.

I have no problem with upfront prostitution. I respect prostitutes more than bartenders, waitresses, admin assistants, gallery receptionists. Obviously it makes more sense to fuck one douchebag for 1 grand than work one or two weeks pretending you like numerous douchebags for the same money, or living with some slope spined simian with a head shaped like a basketball in exchange for a house in Westchester.

Today, for instance, I wore a suit,just because I felt like looking like Bryan Ferry and the attention from women on the street sextupled at least, or even by a factor of 10. Why, when I dress to show off my gnarled marble hewn biceps and sculpted thighs do I get less of a reaction? Could it be they want a sugardaddy? Nein tartenFrauen! If I want a woman I have them imported from Moldovia on a special au-pair visa, though I have keine Kinder!

Also, most men in New York look much more like Nostferatu than Spitzer, either than or they have inflated, bizarrely rotund heads.

Spitzer went after scumbag speculator filth on Wall St. so I would have had no problem paying tax moneys to his whorefund. I actually wish he had comandeered the NY State national guard and seceded from the US, adopted the Euro an merged New York with the EU.

That would have solved all my problems.