Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Brother from Another Planet: Seti

by Steven Boone

The New York underground rapper who was my best friend in high school has had many monikers over the years. Last I heard, his latest is Seti Amun Ra Jakada. I run into him every couple of years, usually on a bus or subway car, each of us with a battered notebook at his side. The last time was in 2008, when I was homeless and he had just gotten out of jail. "What were you in jail for?" I asked. "For telling the truth," he said, only half joking. I didn't ask him to explain. Knowing this dude for almost 25 years, I'd seen his mouth get him into all kinds of trouble.

Seti is one of the few bona fide geniuses and uncompromising individuals I personally know. Nah, for real. For one thing, can Jay-Z freestyle like this? And even if he could, would he dare?

rap olympics with seti
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